Make your own free website on

First get you a web site.

Web site.This is where you will have your place on the web.There is no yearly cost for the web site.You will get 20mb of space.

Home page.This is where you put your name of business,contact information,links to other web pages.Plus this is the first page that comes up on the computer screen.

Web pages.This is where you put the information of your business.About you,pictures,what you do or sell.

Added to search engines.You will get your home page added to search engines.People use seach engines to find what they need on the web.Plus added to the page.A local search engine.

E-mail address.This is how people contact you on the web.You can use any computer to get your e-mail.

We can put many extras on home page once you have your home page set up.

Guest book.People can sign you guest book and give you a comments about your web pages.

Pass it on.People can pass your web page to others without leaving your home page.

Counter.Tells you if people are viewing your web site.

These are all included in the price of your web site.