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Add a web page


Get a .com,.net or .org

$14.95 for one year.Can get for up to 10 years

Put a Guest Book on Home Page


Put a page counter on Home Page


Get a e-mail address

For $60.00

A Home Page.

What Goes On a Homepage?

This is where you greet your surfer.You put your company name.Maybe a picture of you company.Your company location.Contact information.Add links to other pages.

What are links?

Links are pages that a person that comes to your home page can click onto and go to another web page.You might want to put pictures of what you do.If you are in the restaurant business,you might what to put your menu and prices on it.This works great if you have to go orders.

This web site will be Owned by You.There is no monthly or yearly fees to pay.

How can the site be free?

Most web companies that contact you have their own web servers.They charge you a fee for puting your web pages on their web servers.I use a web server that wants you to use theirs for free.How can this be?They put a Banner on your page,that advertizes a product.People click onto it and payes for your web pages.It helps to keep the web as it should be Free.

I have been using this web server for over seven years.I have two business pages on it and one personal pages.If you want to see the web pages go to or these are my business pages.My personal page is make sure you sign my guest book at nugys page.

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